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The Wartmann® transparent vacuum cup has been developed for storing your juices and drinks under vacuum, but can also be used as a regular drinking cup. By placing the Wartmann® vacuum pump on top of the special vacuum cover, the vacuum cup is simply vacuumed. Included is a drinking lid with a drinking spout with protective cap.


A slide protects the cup against accidental opening of the cup during transport, for example.

The recommended maximum content is 600 milliliters. The Wartmann® transparent vacuum cup is made of Tritan and does not contain biphenol-A.

Vacuum cup, unbreakable, Tritan, 600 milliliters

  • Volume: 875 milliliters
  • Recommended maximum content: 600 milliliters
  • Material: Tritan (BPA-free)
  • Large size drinking cup
  • Shock and drop resistant
  • Transparent, with a good view of the content
  • Delivery includes 2 lids
  • Drinking lid is provided with a lock

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