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A bit about who we are


Wartmann® was launched at the end of 2013. As big fans of good food and cooking, we felt the urge to experiment more in the kitchen, but unfortunately we couldn't find the right products for it. This became the starting signal for us to produce our own line of innovative and inspiring products. It is therefore not surprising that our first collection consisted of a series of pans with a ceramic coating from the Swiss company ILAG, making us one of the first in the Netherlands.


As a small, flexible organisation, Wartmann® likes to take up the challenge of creating products with an eye for detail and finish, but at a good price. For Wartmann® it's all about enjoying cooking, being honest about our products and above all, we don't want to compromise on quality, just for the sake of a lower price.


Our product range

Wartmann® is a Dutch brand that focuses exclusively on high-quality products for the kitchen. The range includes ceramic-coated pans, professional kitchen knives, various accessories and various electric kitchen appliances. 


Wartmann® supplies sous-vide and vacuum equipment, hot-air fryers and slow juicers. We also bring more special appliances on the market such as High-Speed blenders, a walnut oil press and recently we have a full stainless steel dehydrator in our range, unique in its kind. 


We believe that high-level home cooking - in an accessible way, should be accessible to everyone. Our products are inspired by how things are done in a professional kitchen. Whether you're a novice chef, a professional chef, or just want to work wonderfully at home, Wartmann® is there for every cook, at every level!




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