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With the Wartmann® vacuum device, ease of use was central to the development of this vacuum device. That starts with closing the lid: pressing the lid briefly in the corners is enough to lock it. Additional functions are available for vacuum packaging delicate or moist foods.


You can easily set the type of food on the clear control panel. You then automatically package your food with one key. With this vacuum device you can also store food in vacuum boxes. The control button is housed under the lid so that you can always access it easily.


Very suitable for vacuum packaging your food and very useful when you want to cook sous vide. By vacuum packaging, refrigerated food remains fresh up to five times longer, color and taste are retained. Comes with a connection hose for vacuum boxes and some vacuum bags.

Vacuum device, WM-1604 EU, Black

  • Voltage 220-240 volts / 50 Hz
  • Power 100 Watt
  • Pump pressure 0.70 bar (± 10%)
  • Pump capacity 7 liters / min
  • Thickness Seal wire 2.3 mm
  • Mass 1324 grams
  • Dimensions 390 x 150 x 73 mm (L x W x H)

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