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The Wartmann® vacuum device has a robust steel housing and has a dual pump system for maximum negative pressure and double fans for effective cooling.


One of the most luxurious table vacuum devices on the market today. Four presets, fully manually adjustable, pulse function, marinate function, seal repeat function.

Vacuum device, WM-1506 EL, Elite, Stainless steel

  • Transparent lid so you can see exactly how to place the vacuum bag.
  • Four preferred vacuum pressure settings.
  • Vacuum pressure and sealing time are fully manually adjustable.
  • Pulse function for vacuum packaging of delicate products.
  • Sealing function for continuous sealing of multiple bags.
  • Marinate function for quick marinating of meat.


  • Double pump system
  • Pump pressure is -965mbar / -28.3 inch Hg (± 3%)
  • Maximum vacuum bag width is 310mm
  • Seal wire thickness is 5 mm

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