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The chamber vacuum device from Wartmann®, with a digital control panel and adjustable sealing time; suitable for business use. Equipped with a transparent lid so that you always have a view of the vacuum packaging. This chamber vacuum device starts automatically when you close the lid; the lid opens automatically when the seal is ready.


Can be used with normal vacuum bags without a microstructure and is suitable for vacuum packaging liquids such as a (cold) soup. This chamber vacuum device also has a marinating function.

Vacuum device, WM-1509 VAC, Chamber, Professional

  • Robust, stainless steel housing with transparent cover
  • Starts automatically when the lid is closed
  • Lid opens automatically when the seal is ready
  • Large, powerful discharge pump for a short working time
  • Internal clamp for clamping vacuum bags in position (no shims required)
  • Sealing time can be set manually.
  • Marinating function for accelerated marinating of meat
  • Pump pressure: -1006 millibar / -29.7 ”mercury pressure
  • Chamber pressure: - 999 millibar / -29.5 ”mercury pressure
  • Pump type: dry
  • Maximum vacuum bag width: 300mm
  • Seal wire thickness: 10mm
  • Seal wire length: 290 mm
  • Vacuum chamber size: 350 x 300 x 110 mm (L x W x H)

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