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The three-piece Wartmann® pasta maker is designed for use with the Wartmann® kitchen mixer. With the adjustable pasta roller, roll pasta dough on a low setting of the stand mixer to knead and flatten the dough.

Use the rotary knob to set the desired thickness. Use a higher setting of the kitchen mixer to flatten the pasta dough even further. For example, you can make pasta sheets for lasagna slices, fresh spaghetti or tagliatelle.


With the cutter for making fresh spaghetti you can easily make spaghetti strands from the pasta sheets you have made yourself. And if you prefer tagliatelle, choose the cutter for making fresh tagliatelle.

Pasta maker, WM-606 PST, stainless steel, 3-piece, for the Kitchen Mixer

  • A pasta roller for making lasagna sheets (adjustable thickness)
  • A cutter for making fresh spaghetti
  • A cutter for making fresh tagliatelle (width is 6 mm)

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