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Increase your vitality by adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily menu. The shortest possible distance "from ground to mouth", that is the motto of Brenda Bas. By using a high-speed blender for processing fruit and vegetables, just like Brenda, you work quickly and efficiently and you retain both nutrients and vegetables. - and fruit fibers that are so important to your gut.


A high-speed blender has a very powerful motor and is therefore much more effective than a conventional blender: it is also possible to process hard ingredients such as nuts, pips and tubers. This makes the versatility of the recipe to be prepared many times greater than with regular blenders. Plus, the power and speed of the blender will get you done in a few minutes. Even if you want to make hot soup. With the surprisingly tasty recipes in this book it is easy to add more fruit and vegetables to your daily menu!


• Super fast recipes to prepare with a high speed blender

• Not only recipes for smoothies, but also sauces, soups, and even pastries


BRENDA BAS combined her passion for food and her training as a coach in 2013 to establish Green Yourself. Brenda guides people in behavioral change, gives workshops on vital nutrition and specializes in working with a high-speed blender.

Book Green Yourself (NL

  • Author: Brenda Bas
  • Publisher: Fontaine Publishers
  • Language: Dutch
  • Subtitle: 85 recipes from nature with the high-speed blender


  • ISBN: 9789059569072
  • Execution: Bound
  • Category: Cookbooks / Vegetarian
  • Release date: 4/4/2019
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Format: 248 x 176 x 22 mm

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