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ZINUS Mia Metal Full Size Platform Bed Frame Review

ZINUS Mia Metal Full Size Platform Bed is suitable for you when living in a small apartment since it offers you enough under-bed space storage, and for a fact, it gives you a nice-looking appearance in your room. For better, decent, and more affordable options, we offer you the most suitable ones, as reviewed by most customers in leading shopping platforms. To simplify our comparison, we have simplified down the features and description of this type of bed. ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed offers you all your needs for the best and most comfortable bed frame. Therefore, look no further.

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Besides having a classic and supportive foundation, the Mia Platform Bed Frame is an essential asset in your room. Its under-bed storage is convenient since it is made of a hardened steel structure. Its mattress platform is independent and stands on its own. After purchase, you can put your mattress directly on Mia's wooden foundation for better support. Having a reserved space below the frame lets you store extra items to maximize your space; this is a perfect minimalist bed.

If you want to add your personal touch, two of its legs have room for attachment, where you can add your headboard if you wish to. And what makes it even more interesting is its perfect packaging and easy assembling; it comes with tools and instructions, therefore, does not require an expert. In addition, a five-year warranty is offered to promote peace of mind to its buyers. Besides its wonderful features, the Mia Full Platform Bed Frame has all it takes to offer you pleasant dreams and impeccable support for many years to come.


  • Modern comfort

This full platform bed is made to offer you modern comfort. Mia's height, stability, and latex material offer a fulfilling experience in all environs.

  • Designed for durability

With its under bed having a clearance of 12 inches, you will have enough space to store extra beddings or hide unwanted stuff.

Mia's wooden slat platform has excellent support for your latex, foam, spring, or any mattress placed directly. The spacing between the slats is constant, for instance, 3 inches for twin and 3.4 inches for queen and king; therefore, your mattress won't sag.

  • Have both options with headboard and without headboards

Due to its appearance, Mia having no headboard is compatible with any bedroom décor of your choice.

Mia's headboard gives your bedroom a whole new look, an industrial centerpiece with creatively crafted lines.

  • Easy assembly

The Mia platform bed is carefully packed into one box, therefore easy to unpack. All components, instructions, and tools are included. Therefore, fixing your bed is done within minutes, and you don't require a toolbox.


  • Has a low profile

Generally, this full size platform bed has a low profile, making it hard to get in and out of bed, especially for older people.


Modern platform beds are constructed according to customers' preferences. You should consider buying a full size platform bed other than the entire bed because it is much more affordable. In addition, platform beds are designed to have enough storage. Platform beds have been embraced because they can accommodate any mattress.


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