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The Wartmann® vacuum pump has been developed for high-speed vacuum blending of your juices in the Wartmann® blender. Blending under vacuum prevents premature oxidation, so that vitamins and color are retained for longer.

The Wartmann® vacuum pump is silent, can be operated with one hand, also works on batteries and can be carried easily. Wartmann® supplies matching vacuum cups so that you can keep your juices cooled under vacuum.

An included adapter ensures that with the Wartmann® vacuum pump you can also store food or articles in resealable vacuum bags.

Vacuum pump, WM-1807 VC, incl. Adapter set, White

  • Expand the possibilities of the Wartmann high-speed blender
  • Fits on all Wartmann vacuum cups
  • Can also be used as an independent vacuum device
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Operates on an AC adapter and on batteries
  • Suitable for resealable vacuum bags


  • Wartmann® vacuum pump contains:
  • Mains adapter 220 volt / 50 Hz
  • Adapter for the Wartmann® blender jug
  • Adapter for reusable vacuum bags
  • 2 reusable vacuum bags
  • Instruction manual

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